1st - PHP Fool's Day Dance.

6th - Pistols and Petticoats Gordon's Birthday/Hot Potato Dance.

20th - P&P Easter Bonnet Hat "Dangle" Dance.


1st - Maypole Dance - Benefit Dance for Victoria Bundy's Caller School (P&P Hall).

7th - Top Spinners Memphis In May with Darryl Lipscomb.

8th - TS Memphis in May Darryl Lipscomb.

11th - P&P Closed (church needs hall).

13th - PHP Anniversary Dance.

27th - TS Beach Ball Blast.

28th - GMS&RDA Meeting.


13th - TS Jerry Junck Special.

15th - P&P Hawaiian Luau Dance.

24th - Trail Thru Dance with Hunter Keller.


19th - BnB Christmas in July.

23rd - GMS&RDA Meeting.


1st TS closed for TN State Convention.

2nd - B&B closed for TN State Convention.

3rd - P&P closed for TN Satte Convention.

8th - TS 39th Anniversary Dance & Ice Cream Social.

17th - P&P Boots 'N Bags "Dangle" Dance.

19th - PHP Gloria McMullin Birthday Dance.

20th - TS Gary Shoemake.


24th - GMS&RDA Meeting.


12th - P&P Sock Hop with Root Beer Floats.

19th - P&P closed for Mid-South Festival.

31st - TS Haunted Halloween.


9th - P&P 53rd Wild, Wild, West Anniversary.

25th - PHP Robert Townsend's Birthday Dance.

26th - GMS&RDA Meeting.

28th - TS closed for Thanksgiving.


5th - TS Home for the Holidays Dance

19th - TS closed for the holidays.

21st - P&P closed for Christmas.

26th - TS closed fot the holidays.

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